Hi, I'm Pedro. I have several years of experience in designing, prototyping and developing user interfaces. I have a passion for art, technology, and creative ideas.

I enjoy exploring and learning new methods in the area of front-end development. This allows me to embrace new technologies quickly and efficiently to provide better websites and user interfaces.

I have worked on multiple web projects using design tools(Adobe Creatvie Suite) and development technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, Bootstrap). A working knowledge of Git and Sass. At the moment I've been doing some online courses on ES6 and React to improve my skills and to provide beautiful and better web apps.

skills & tools

JavaScript Libraries

  • jQuery

Front-end Frameworks

  • Bootstrap

Package Managers/Task Runners

  • Gulp
  • npm (In progress)
  • Webpack (In progress)


  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • ES6/ES2015 - Babel (In Progress)
  • Git
  • WordPress
  • Joomla (In progress)
  • FTP
  • MailChimp

CSS Preprocessors

  • Sass (In progress)

Text Editors

  • Sublime Text
  • Brackets
  • Coda
  • Visual Studio
  • Eclipse


  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Fireworks
  • After Effects
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Web Design
  • UI Design
  • InVision


identity, design

The logo letterforms represent the brand’s personality with elegance. The color used creates balance and stability which produces a good combination with the visual identity. The paper system, customer touchpoints, and website include the same consistency which focuses in simplicity and elegance.

Modernity - Spirit of Experimentation

design, front-end, flash

Modernity; Spirit of Experimentation website presents the most innovative designs such as furniture, glass, lighting, ceramics and accessories. You will find information on the world’s most renowned designers.

Wildlife Conservation

design, front-end

Wildlife Conservation project is a website to educate people on how we can all help protect the environment. The challenge was to encourage people to participate and work together towards wildlife conservation. Minimal aesthetic and consistent colors were used to emphasize the overall brand identity of this project. The visual elements captured the mood and feel of the main concept.

Wood Ranch - Lunch Menu

design, front-end

The idea to create a menu page is to make it easier for the restaurant’s owners and customers to have an interactive menu that is constantly updating. This is a conscious effort to go green and take care of the environment.

David Carson Website

design, front-end development, flash

David Carson website represents Carson’s signature style, a graphic design and typography experimentation. The challenge was to create the same style in each page by using nontraditional layouts and making art by means of letters without falling in the principles of design.

Antique Modernity

exhibition catalog

Antique Modernity exhibition explores the phases of a new beginning that dates from the 17th to the 19th Century. This exhibition brings together a wide range of different medias such as silver, porcelain, glass, rhinoceros horn, clay among others.

Antique Modernity exhibition is a vital subject at the McNay Art Museum. It shows a path to a historical study of the modern era. In this exhibition the public will be able to observe the objects relevant to the era and emblematic through many centuries. This exhibition offers a way to witness the art changes represented through these objects.

The Medium is the Message

design, front-end

The phrase The medium is the message by Marshall McLuhan is used as the main idea to develop the concept for this website. The medium is the message site symbolizes the way we communicate in a chronological order from a basic communication; cave paintings and pictograms, through the contemporary way we interact by means of technology.

The idea of a chronological order is also represented by the use of gradient colors and the topics connect from one another. The icons for each topic represent the different stages of how mankind has been able to communicate through different mediums.

embalmer app

app design

Embalmer is an app especially for professional embalmers. The app allows users to create a profile and add cases about the human remains and incorporate vital statistic information into the funeral home database. The embalmers will be able to edit their profile and access reports and create new cases. Each new report is composed of three categories: basic vital information, pre-embalming conditions, and embalming procedures.


identity, design

Pompidou Centre is a complex in Paris, France with a style of high-tech architecture. The complex has a public library, museum, music centre, and acoustic research. The challenge was to create a dynamic identity for the Pompidou Centre and reflect the different areas within the same logo. The resulting logo incorporates the structural elements and colors of the building to represent the different activities of the Pompidou Centre. The circular shapes correspond to the current agenda of the center. The logo will be dynamic depending on weekly or monthly events of the complex.

design, identity

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design, front-end, flash, concept

wildlife conservation
design, front-end

wood ranch
design, front-end

david carson
design, front-end, flash

antique modernity
design, exhibition catalog, concept

The Medium is the Message
design, front-end

app design

Pompidou Centre
identity, design